Good.Clean.Fun is about community. It’s about fitness for you AND your community. It’s about fitness for the environment.! Good.Clean.Fun is a unique initiative because it not only encourages us to reimagine the way we encounter service in our community, it is a simple invitation: If you are going to go for a workout or spend some time in the park, why not put on a pair of reusable work gloves and pick up some of the trash you encounter along the way? Other people will see you contributing and may get curious or excited. Perhaps they might even engage you and thank you, and ask why you’re smiling so much. This real-time, real-world interaction starts to disintegrate some of the barriers we build around ourselves. Chances are, if you’re both in the same place at the same time, you might have some other things in common too. You look around you and see the park is cleaner, safer and more energetically friendly place for us all to enjoy! Congratulations! You’ve just had some Good.Clean.Fun! Now go out and share your joy with someone else.

For more information, please visit Good.Clean.Fun’s Facebook page