About NBK Parks

North Brooklyn Parks Alliance (NBK Parks) was formed in 2003 to raise private funds to expand and improve open space in North Brooklyn. NBK Parks is modeled after other successful conservancies, working with the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation, elected officials, and the community to maintain, activate, enhance, and expand local parks.

Unlike traditional park conservancies, however, NBK Parks is committed to improving ALL the parks in Community District 1 rather than focusing on a single park. In doing so, less advantaged areas of our community can be improved by leveraging resources from more affluent parts of the district.

Board members are required to contribute financially, and provide service on Board Committees. Annual Board member contributions make full time staffing possible, and demonstrate to traditional funding sources that NBK Parks has a dependable cash flow, and local support. NBK Parks Board includes our local elected officials in an advisory capacity.

By raising funds and joining our parks advocates, community groups, Community Board 1, elected officials, and the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation, together we create the green space our neighborhood needs.