McGolrick Park Neighborhood Alliance (MPNA)
Support the city you love. Donate to North Brooklyn Parks Alliance today. Be a partner in the Future of Public Space. No other neighborhood in New York City has a parks conservancy that serves an entire district. Working with both city and state agencies, North Brooklyn Parks Alliance (NBK Parks), is a unique public-private partnership that was created in 2003 by a strong community-driven force that advocated for more parks, better parks, and access to our waterfront.
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McGolrick Park Neighborhood Alliance (MPNA)

The McGolrick Park Neighborhood Alliance (MPNA) is a group of community leaders and residents working to improve McGolrick Park and the neighborhood. This diverse group consists of lifelong and new residents, parents of small children, senior citizens, community activists, and representatives of religious institutions and businesses. MPNA’s vision is to be an inclusive, equity-aware, focused, vocal, and fundraising advocate for a safer and ultimately better park and surrounding area for all New Yorkers to enjoy. For more information, please visit