Located directly under the Kosciuszko Bridge and called “Under the K Bridge Park,” the new park converts a formerly abandoned site into a vibrant seven-acre open space that invites the public to a little-known waterfront of Newtown Creek.

The space, designed by Toronto- based landscape architecture firm PUBLIC WORK, features expansive multi-purpose sections for recreation, culture, and woodland areas where more than 20,000 trees and native plant species now grow.

Under the soaring Kosciuszko Bridge columns, our “El-space” grows from 40 feet to as much as 100 feet in height. Distinguishing itself with massive industrial “rooms” connected by a continuous beam of light that runs the park’s length, creating what we call a “solar slice.”.

Kosciuszko Bridge Plaza convenes at the base of the bridge on the Brooklyn side, providing several landscaped and restful areas for users coming off the bridge’s pathways, the area’s local streets, or before entering the park

credit: /North Brooklyn Parks Alliance

“The Arm” is a linear promenade that ushers pedestrians and cyclists into the park space below the bridge. It meanders down through the IBZ zone, providing a respite from the surrounding area.

credit: /North Brooklyn Parks Alliance

At Stewart Ave the park  dips under the bridge creating New York’s first “El-space” park from that point and as it continues pass Scott Ave to the Newtown Creek

credit: /North Brooklyn Parks Alliance

An “ElSpaceis the area beneath and adjacent to elevated transportation infrastructure, including above-ground subways, bridges, and highways. We call the space created between the bridge spans above the “solar slice”

credit: /North Brooklyn Parks Alliance

A grand entrance to an el-space, if there ever was one. Flex 1 is a multifunctional zone geared to rotating programming community activities, and play. And is completely adored by the skater community

credit: /North Brooklyn Parks Alliance
credit: /North Brooklyn Parks Alliance

An expansive and airy space with sunset & city views. This massive space can host large-scale events, performances, and recreation, unlike anything available in North Brooklyn.

credit: /North Brooklyn Parks Alliance
credit: /North Brooklyn Parks Alliance

Hundreds of native trees and plants fill the space. Horticulturally, the park is a case study for sustainability and remediation.

credit: /North Brooklyn Parks Alliance

Creekside celebrates a prime position along the water’s edge with public outlooks and a restorative landscape of native creekside ecologies

credit: /North Brooklyn Parks Alliance
credit: /North Brooklyn Parks Alliance

Creekside is an intimate and reflective space with a natural amphitheater

credit: /North Brooklyn Parks Alliance

Every evening around dusk the bridge lights above cascade down the pillars into Creekside and parts of Flex 2 creating a light show for park visitors  

credit: /North Brooklyn Parks Alliance

Building Under the K


Cities all over the world are looking at public space. How can it be better used, be made more equitable, and become more green, smart, and connected? One such space that often excites city planners and architects is the “El-space.”

“El-spaces” are spaces beneath and adjacent to elevated transportation such as bridges, highways, or trains. El-spaces are incredibly special places. They are being used to reclaim and transform public space with sustainability and versatility in mind. If done right, they act as meaningful connectors between neighborhoods and neighbors.

Born out of a community-driven design process that lasted two years, Under the K creates a collaborative space, unlike any other traditional park. Under the K Bridge Park is State DOT property. Funded in part by the Greenpoint Community Environmental Fund (GCEFF). Administered, maintained, and programed by 503-C nonprofit, the North Brooklyn Parks Alliance.


2003. Looking northeast along Gardner Avenue under the Kosciuszko Bridge.

credit: Anthony Hamboussi / North Brooklyn Parks Alliance

Circa 2008. Looking southeast along Stewart Avenue under the Kosciuszko Bridge.

credit: unknown

2019. Public Visioning Workshop

credit: /North Brooklyn Parks Alliance

2019. Hard hat tour with the Highline Network

credit: /North Brooklyn Parks Alliance

2019. NBK Parks invited the architects and project supporters to an “Park Unveiling Party” to present the culmination of a two-year design collaboration to the public.

credit: /North Brooklyn Parks Alliance

Circa 2015. Looking north along Cherry Street. Kosciuszko Bridge.


2015. During construction, there was a moment where the old and new brides stood side by side. right side: Meeker Avenue Bridge south bound span. left side:  Kosciuszko Bridge north bound span

credit: Mitch Waxman / North Brooklyn Parks Alliance
credit: PUBLIC WORK / North Brooklyn Parks Alliance

Kicking off NBK Parks’ 2020 Fall lecture series on North Brooklyn infrastructure projects, we are presenting some of the first glimpses of the park during Open House New York Weekend (#OHNYwknd).

credit: North Brooklyn Parks Alliance





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